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Amazon unveils the $40 Echo Pop, a semi-spherical smart speaker

The second-gen Echo Auto also launches in eight more countries today.


Amazon updated its Echo speaker lineup today, including a new $40 model with a semi-spherical design, the Echo Pop. Additionally, Echo Auto is coming to more countries.

The Echo Pop is Amazon’s newest entry-level Alexa-powered device. Its half-globe design uses a front-facing speaker with “full sound,” although it sounds like it will be a better fit for small spaces like dorm rooms where you only need to hear it from one direction. It also carries over two features from the latest Echo Dot. First, it has Amazon’s AZ2 Neural Edge processor for on-device machine learning tasks. In addition, it can pair with Eero mesh routers to extend your home network’s range by “up to 1,000 square feet.”

The $40 Echo Pop is a somewhat confusing fit in Amazon’s smart speaker lineup. It’s $10 less than the Echo Dot — while having many of the same features — leaving its unique design to differentiate it. The Pop is available in four color options: In addition to the oft-used charcoal and white, new “Lavender Bloom” and “Midnight Teal” options debut in Amazon’s Echo line.

Marketing photo of the second-gen Amazon Echo Auto. The thin gray speaker has a blue light glowing at its top and two buttons on its fabric-covered body. It's mounted on a car's center console.

The Echo Auto, which Amazon updated last fall, is arriving in more regions. Today, customers in Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan can buy the latest model for Alexa on the go. As you may recall, the $55 second-gen model is smaller than the original model, and it adds better voice recognition and sound quality.