Amazon will start selling Hyundais through its website next year

"Alexa, buy me a car!"


Next year, Amazon will let you add a whole ass car to your shopping cart. The company announced today that it will launch vehicle sales in the US next year. The first cars available to purchase will be from Hyundai, as part of an Amazon partnership with the company, but more brands will presumably be added.

Buying a car on Amazon doesn’t seem to be super different from buying pretty much anything else on the website. According to an Amazon blog post, you’ll be able to search for vehicles in your area based on model, trim, color, and features. Once you’ve selected a car, you can choose to pick it up or have it delivered to a local dealership, and then check out using the same standard payment or financing options you normally use on the site. Do Prime members get free shipping? I sure hope so.

Hyundai is also building in Alexa into its cars starting in 2025 as part of its partnership with Amazon. This will let you ask Alexa to not only do the usual Alexa things like playing music and setting timers, but also ask for directions, traffic updates and weather reports, and control the car’s media player and navigation system.