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Amazon’s 2022 Kindle drops to a record low of $75

The Paperwhite is on sale too.


If one of your goals for 2023 is to read more, a new Kindle might inspire you to stick to that intention. Amazon has discounted its entry-level e-reader. Right now, you can get the ad-supported model, in either Black or Denim, for $75 or $25 off its usual $100 price. The 25 percent discount marks a new all-time low for the Kindle, making this a great time to buy the e-reader. Amazon has also discounted the ads-free model by $25. Instead of $120, it’s $95 at the moment. The Paperwhite is on sale too. It will set you back $105.

The 2022 Kindle is a significant upgrade over its predecessor. The new model features a denser display, more storage for your books and USB-C charging.
$75 at Amazon

Engadget hasn’t had a chance to review the new entry-level Kindle. That said, judging from all the upgrades Amazon decided to incorporate into the device, it’s well worth the upgrade if you own an older e-reader. The new Kindle features a 300 ppi e-ink screen, making its display as dense as the one on the more expensive Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon also doubled the amount of storage to 16GB, added USB-C charging and made the Kindle’s frame lighter. Oh, and the new model also features up to six weeks of battery life, another upgrade over its predecessor. Unless you’re specifically looking for an e-reader with a larger display, most people are better off buying the entry-level Kindle over its more expensive siblings.

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