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Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite now comes in two new colors

The Agave Green and Denim models are up to $50 off for a limited time.


Kindle's Paperwhite 5 launched in 2021, but Amazon has just spruced up the models a bit with a couple of new colors and put them on sale for good measure. You can now grab them in Agave Green and Denim, with the regular 16GB variant priced at $110 (27 percent/$40 off) and the Signature version on sale at $140 ($50 or 26 percent off). Oddly, the black version doesn't carry any discount and is still priced at $190, so the new color versions are currently the way to go.

The new colors of the Kindle Paperwhite just launched and you can get them at a discount.
$110 at Amazon

Amazon also did this for the Paperwhite 4, introducing new colors well after the original launch date, as The eBook Reader pointed out. Amazon used the same Denim Blue color on the 11th generation 2022 Kindle as well. Even if you're not crazy about the new colors, you'll see the same black bezels when viewing it from the front.

We gave the Paperwhite 5 Signature Edition one of our highest Engadget scores ever (97) calling it "the best e-reader, period." It has a bigger and more responsive screen than ever, tiny bezels, both USB-C and wireless charging, a waterproof body, 32GB of storage, automatic brightness and warm light options. The standard model drops storage to 16GB and lacks wireless charging, but is otherwise the same.

As mentioned, the Signature Paperwhite is $50 off in Agave and Denim, while the standard version offers a $40 savings in the green and blue shades — near the lowest prices we've seen.