Amazon's Kindle for Kids hits an all-time low of $75

It even comes with a year of the Amazon Kids+ service.


If you missed Amazon's deal on Kindle for Kids back in February, don't worry: you can now get it from the website for only $75, which is the lowest price we've seen for the e-reader. That's $35 cheaper than its usual retail price of $110 and $5 less than its deal price in February. The bundle comes with a year of Amazon Kids+, the e-commerce giant's subscription service previously called Freetime Unlimited that offers unlimited access to kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games. Since the service isn't locked to one device, your child can also use it on their phones or tablets.

Buy Kindle for Kids at Amazon - $75

The Kids+ service will give your child access to the whole Harry Potter series, as well as the first book from other popular franchises such as Artemis Fowl. You can set age filters for your child's age range in the Parent Dashboard to ensure they can only access content appropriate for them and block access to games and cartoons until after educational goals are met. You'll also be able to create up to four individual child profiles and give each one selected access to age-appropriate media. After the free year-long subscription is over, you can renew Kids+ for $3 a month with a Prime subscription of $5 a month without.

In addition to a complementary subscription to Kids+, Kindle for Kids also ship with a free cover in four colorful options: blue, pink, one with a colorful birds print and another with a space-themed print. The device is compatible with Audible, as well, and can pair with Bluetooth earphones. Finally, Kindle for Kids comes with a two-year warranty, which could be a godsend for parents: If it breaks within that timeframe, Amazon will replace it for free.

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