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Amazon's Kindle is back on sale for $80

Other Kindles are also on sale, including the Paperwhite for $100.


Amazon is running a sale on Kindle e-readers just in time for outdoor reading, and there are a few good deals in the mix. The company is selling the base Kindle with lock screen ads for $80, or $20 off. That's near an all-time low, and makes it an easy pick if you want a compact, no-frills device for reading on the park bench. The sale also drops the price of the 8GB Kindle Paperwhite to $100, or $40 off.

Amazon's base e-reader is near its best-ever price.
$80 at Amazon

Last fall's refresh of the entry-level Kindle helped it catch up to the Paperwhite in a big way. The 300PPI display is much easier on the eyes, and the longer six-week battery life helps you leave the charger at home. Factor in USB-C charging and double the storage (16GB) and you may have all you need to clear your reading backlog.

There are reasons to consider buying more advanced models, of course. The Kindle Paperwhite offers a larger screen, beach-friendly water resistance and an adjustable warm light. You can even charge wirelessly if you buy the Paperwhite Signature Edition (on sale for $140). However, those are more perks than must-haves. The starter Kindle covers the essentials well, and may even be preferable if you're looking for a small e-reader that can tuck into a bag's side pocket.

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