Amazon's Kindle is on sale for $55 with three months of Kindle Unlimited

That's only $5 more than the e-reader was on Black Friday.


If you missed Amazon's standard e-reader when it was on sale for $50 on Black Friday, you have another shot to grab it for less. The regular Kindle is back on sale for $55, and you'll get three months of Kindle Unlimited along with it. It may be a bit more expensive than it was one week ago, but the added bonus of Kindle Unlimited sweetens the deal a bit — and you're still getting the device for $35 less than usual.

Buy Kindle at Amazon - $55

Amazon updated the Kindle in 2019 and we gave it a score of 91 when we reviewed the e-reader. The base model gave the previous-generation Paperwhite a run for its money thanks to its new front-lit display with better contrast and its smaller, sleeker design. It also comes with 8GB of storage, which is plenty of space to hold thousands of titles.

The differences between the standard Kindle and the new Kindle Paperwhite will be more apparent, and they should be considering the latter costs $140. The new Paperwhite's 300ppi screen is slightly larger and 10 percent brighter, and page-turning is said to be about 20 percent faster. The higher-end model also has Audible support, so you can listen to audiobooks when you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones connected, and it's water-resistant as well.

If you can live without those extra perks, it's hard to beat the standard Kindle when it's on sale like this. It would make a good stocking stuffer for the book-lover in your life, or a convenient gadget if you plan on trying to read more in the new year. And with Kindle Unlimited for a couple of months, you'll get access to thousands of titles to read at your leisure at no extra cost. Just remember that the subscription will renew at the standard $10-per-month rate after the first three months are up.

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