Amazon's latest Echo Dot falls to a new all-time low of $28

The Echo Dot Kids and Echo Dot with Clock also have steep discounts.


If you've been eyeing an Alexa-powered fourth-generation Echo Dot smart speaker, now is the time to buy. Several models are on sale, including the basic model that's selling for just $28 or 44 percent off, the lowest price we've seen to date. The Echo Dot + Amazon Smart Plug, Echo Kids and Echo with Clock model are also carrying steep discounts near their all-time low prices.

Buy Echo Dot on Amazon - $28 Buy Echo Dot + Smart Plug at Amazon - $33

Powered by Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, the Echo Dot is one of the least expensive smart speakers out there. You get a lot for your money, though. It delivers surprisingly good sound, offers a 3.5mm audio output to connect to an amp or headphones, and is small and discrete enough to fit into any décor. And of course, you get the power of the Alexa smart home ecosystem.

The best deal is the Echo Dot + Amazon Smart Plug selling for $33. With that combo, your voice can control any outlet to schedule lights ("Alexa, turn on the lights"), fans and appliances or create timers and routines. Buying the items separately at full retail costs $75, and even if you bought both items on sale separately (the smart plug is currently at $20 or $5 off), you're still saving $15.

The Echo Dot with Clock gives you the same feature set as the Echo Dot, but can also show the time, weather and timers. The visual timer is very handy for cooking, and it's on sale for $40, or $20 off the regular price. Finally, the Kids version of the Echo Dot gives you the same feature set, but adds cute animal faces to the orb-like speaker. It's available with tiger or panda motifs for $40, also $20 off the regular price. It's best to act fast if you're interested, as the sale won't last forever.

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