Amazon's smart thermostat is back on sale for $48

That's 20 percent off and the best price we've seen.


Amazon's budget-friendly alternative to Google's Nest thermostats has returned to its all-time-low price for the first time since December. The company's smart thermostat, which it debuted last year, is 20 percent off and down to $48. As indicated by its low price tag, you won't get as many features with Amazon's gadget as you would with something like a Nest thermostat, but it's a good place to start if you're building up a smart home on a budget.

Buy smart thermostat at Amazon - $48

The smart thermostat is a sleek square with rounded corners and its minimalist design should help it fit nicely into any home. It's built with Honeywell Home Thermostat Technology and it's Energy Star-certified, so it could save you up to $50 per year on energy costs.

As with most Amazon devices, the smart thermostat works with Alexa — but it doesn't have a speaker or a microphone. You'll have to use an Alexa device like an Echo speaker or an Echo Show display to control it using voice commands. The Alexa mobile app is another option, and that's where you'll go to set schedules and change settings while you're out, too, so you come back to a home with the precise temperature you want.

That's all there is to Amazon's smart thermostat. Google's Nest Thermostat has advanced features like automatically turning the temperature down while you're away, but that device will set you back at least $130. Overall, Amazon's gadget is a good option for those that only want the basics and have tighter budgets. Just make sure to check out the device's compatibility information to ensure that it works with your system before you buy, and to know if you need an additional C-wire or power adapter kit to hook the thing up.

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