AMD’s Noise Suppression tool is its answer to NVIDIA Broadcast

It can block background noise for both input and output devices.

Westend61 via Getty Images

In a piece examining what the NVIDIA Broadcast can do, we praised its noise removal capability for being "impressively adept" at stripping away everything but your voice. Now, AMD has launched a similar tool for computers powered by its chips, and it could vastly improve your gaming and live streaming experience or lead to cleaner recordings. AMD's Noise Suppression tool can reduce background chatter and sounds in real time through the use of a deep learning algorithm.

The feature works for both input and output devices, which means it can not only suppress noise captured on your mic, but also noise coming from someone else's. It can help you stay focused if you're in a meeting or attending online classes, for instance, because it can block the sounds of somebody's barking dog or crying baby in the background.

That said, Noise Suppression is only available for computers with Ryzen 5000 series and newer processors, as well as for systems with Radeon RX 6000 series and newer graphics cards. If you know your computer has the components needed to access the feature, make sure to upgrade to the latest version of AMD Software before heading to the Settings page.

Under Audio Settings in the Audio & Video tab, you'll see a toggle to enable the feature. You can also choose to switch it on for either your input or your output device or for both of them at the same time. The next time you fire up a game or a communications app, such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, you can take advantage of the benefits of the noise suppression tool, so long as you select the "AMD Streaming Device" option as your input and/or output device.