Analogue's Pocket portable console delayed for a third time, now until December

Supply chain issues continue to plague the $199 handheld.


The Analogue Pocket has been delayed yet again. The $199 handheld console can play Game Boy, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Atari Lynx games. It was most recently supposed to release sometime next month, but has slipped to the end of the year. Pre-orders will ship “at the latest” in December, according to an announcement Analogue posted on Friday.

As with both previous delays, the company is blaming this latest one on the coronavirus pandemic and related supply chain issues. “Unfortunately, due to new Covid restrictions with our assembly partners, their capacity to deliver within our agreed timeframe has been affected,” Analogue said. “This has created a domino effect of delays beyond our control in what would otherwise be a seamless process.”

Analogue is offering full refunds to anyone who pre-ordered the system and doesn’t want to wait until December. In the same announcement, the company said it hopes to have hands-ons and reviews published before the console comes out later this year. “We understand how frustrating this is,” the company said. “It’s very frustrating for us, too.”