Android 13 is rolling out to Pixel phones today

The software is out of beta and brings some small but useful new tools.


Android 13 is coming out of beta and will start rolling out to Pixels today, with devices from Samsung, ASUS, Nokia (HMD), Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Sony, Xiaomi and more expected to get the update later this year. The latest version of Google's mobile operating system brings more granular privacy controls, a new photo picker, Bluetooth LE audio and more. Those who want even more personalization from the company's Material You theme generator may appreciate the additional customized app icons.

One of the more intriguing updates is messaging app streaming, which will let you cast your messaging apps to your Chromebook so you can chat with your friends on your laptop. Google said this works with Messages "and many of your other favorite messaging apps." Inter-device copy and paste will be getting easier too, with the company saying you'll "soon be able to copy content — like a URL, picture, text or video — from your Android phone and paste it on your tablet" or the other way around.

There are plenty of small touches that make Android 13 feel refreshed, like an animated progress bar in the updated media playback box on the lock screen, as well as a QR code scanner shortcut. Many other improvements are coming to the L version of Android, which is designed to make navigating larger screened devices more intuitive.

You'll also find HDR video capability on third-party camera apps, support for braille displays for Google's screen reader Talkback and an update media output switcher. The company lists more details on what's changed on its website so you can check them out there.