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Anker battery packs and accessories are up to 45 percent off right now

Cables, battery packs and power adapters are included in the sale.

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As part of a larger Anker sale at Amazon, the 622 MagGo portable charger is down to a record low of $40. That's a 43 percent discount off its usual $70 MSRP. We've tried and liked this portable battery pack and recommend it in our gift guide to travel tech. The MagSafe-compatible, 5,000mAh unit will give an empty iPhone a partial charge, filling it between 50 and 75 percent, depending on the model and age of your phone. And while it charges, the fold out stand holds your screen at an angle for viewing (though of course, using your phone while it charge will slow down the process).

Anker's MagSafe-compatible battery doubles as a stand and is currently down to an all-time low. 

$40 at Amazon

A few more Anker accessories are worth calling out from the sale, including the 11-in-1 USB-C hub, which is $55 after a 45 percent discount off its $100 price tag. The hub connects to a laptop via USB-C and features eleven ports in total, including Ethernet, HDMI, SD card readers and multiple USB-C and USB-A slots. That should let you use just about any peripheral you might need.

A cable with a high wattage rating, like the Anker 140W USB-C to USB-C cord, will let you take advantage of the speed offered by fast charging bricks. While this one doesn't support media display, the exterior sheathing is made from plant based materials like corn and sugar cane. Right now it's $13 after a 29 percent discount.

Another charging accessory, Anker's 511 30W Nano 3 charger is one of our favorite accessories for Apple Watches and it's down to $17 instead of its usual $23. If you're thinking of getting the upcoming Series 9 smartwatch, you'll need a power brick since the new wearables don't come with one. The 511 is compact, foldable and has built-in safeguards to protect against overheating. It's even powerful enough to juice up an iPhone.

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