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Anker USB-C chargers are up to 43 percent off

Prices range from $16 to $68, depending on the model.


Anker USB-C chargers are up to 43 percent off on Amazon, with prices ranging from $16 to $68. There are a bunch of chargers available, from entry-level devices to the company’s premium models.

Perhaps the most notable discount is for the Nano 2. This is one of the company’s mid-range chargers and costs $32 as part of this sale, which is a whopping 43 percent off. This 65W charger boasts three ports, with power distributed efficiently between each connected device. It’s tiny, roughly the size of a charging case for earbuds, and features two USB-C connections and one standard USB-A connection.

This is a steep discount of 43 percent. 

$32 at Amazon

The budget-friendly Nano 3 is also on sale for $16, which is a discount of 20 percent. This model offers a similar experience to the Nano 2, but with just a single USB-C port. The baddest Anker charger of them all, the Prime, is part of this promotion. It’s on sale for $68, instead of $87. This 100W charger will make short work out of depleted devices. It features a trio of ports, two USB-C and a single USB-A, and includes the company’s ActiveShield 2.0 system to ensure safe charging. It also happens to be much smaller than a standard MacBook charger, which is nice.

The sale extends beyond traditional chargers. There are power stations here with numerous inputs, hubs and, of course, cables to get everything connected. Some of the discounts are pretty steep, up to 50 percent in a couple of cases. Chargers and cables may not be exciting, but they sure are necessary.

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