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These Anker Black Friday deals will save you up to 37 percent on some of our favorite charging gear

Cables, hubs and one of our top power banks is included in the sale.

Photo by Amy Skorheim / Engadget

A number of Anker chargers, cables, power adapters and other accessories are on sale for Black Friday at Amazon, with discounts of up to 37 percent. One key callout is on our favorite premium power bank, Anker's Prime 20,000 mAH battery with charging base. It's currently down to $130 for the set and the lowest price ever. At full price, we've seen the set go for as high as $200. The base is what makes it really stand apart from other power banks — simply drop the brick on the platform and it starts recharging.

The Prime battery and charging base are 30 percent off and the lowest price yet for the set. 

$130 at Amazon

The screen on the Prime bank is impressive as well, detailing just how much charge the pack has left and how much is heading out of each of the three ports (one USB-A and two USB-C). In our tests, it revived a dead iPhone back to 100 percent in just over an hour and 45 minutes, with enough left over for another three-quarters charge. It brought a spent iPad Air back to full in a little under two hours. Not only is the base an easy way to recharge the battery, it also acts as a charging hub with three ports of its own for powering up other stuff.

Other Anker accessories we like are seeing big discounts too, including the 67W USB-C charger for 37 percent off, bringing it to $38, matching its all-time low. It has two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, so you can charge your phone, tablet and even a battery pack at one time.

Our top 65W fast wall charger is Anker's 735 GaN Prime, which is down to a new low price after a 38 percent discount. It's got the same three ports as the above wall adapter and outperformed other contenders in our tests.

Finally, the diminutive and handy Anker Nano Power Bank is seeing one of its first discounts since coming on the market a couple months ago. It's down to $21 and would make a great stocking stuffer — particularly for those who always seem to have a phone hovering around 5 percent. The small brick has a built-in foldable USB-C connector and in my experience, it got a Galaxy S23 Ultra to 62 percent in about an hour. Plus its easy to use the phone while the bank is pugged in.

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