Annapurna's latest RPG is about disappointing your family

And skateboarding. There appears to be skateboarding.

Annapurna Interactive

Annapurna Interactive—now practically a byword for beautiful, experimental games—have struck oil publishing some unlikely titles, like 2019's Groundhog Day-meets-flight sim Outer Wilds, or the splattery meditations of The Unfinished Swan. Announced today, the studio's newest gambit will be a turn-based RPG based around small town drama and the tension between immigrants and their second-generation kids.

Thirsty Suitors drops players into the story of Jala, who visits her a suffocating hometown to attend a wedding, and in the process is confronted by her history of romantic mistakes and a string of the titular suitors summoned by her grandmother. The turn based battles against ex lovers recall Scott Pilgrim, but will be broken up by cooking and skateboarding segments, all rendered in a gorgeous cell-shaded style. (Not too late to call this one Tony Hawks' Pro Dater, folks.)

Watch the reveal trailer here.