Another Amazon warehouse has reportedly received approval for a union election

Staten Island LDJ5 would be the third US Amazon warehouse to qualify.

Brendan McDermid / reuters

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has reportedly approved a petition for another Amazon warehouse union election, the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) has tweeted. If a vote goes ahead, the LDJ5 facility will be the second in Staten Island to hold a union election and the third in the US, according to The Verge.

The ALU originally petitioned the NLRB to hold union elections for all facilities on Staten Island. However, it withdrew that and decided to focus on one warehouse at a time, subsequently receiving approval to hold an vote at the JFK8 facility starting on March 25th. It later petitioned for an election at LDJ5, which requires the NLRB to confirm that there's sufficient interest.

Amazon has acknowledged the NLRB decision, according to a screenshot of a note texted to employees by Amazon, tweeted by Vice's Lauren Kaori Gurley. "Today, March 2, the National Labor Relations Board notified us that it has found the ALU met the criteria to continue processing the ALU's petition to have an election at LDJ5," the message reads. Amazon and the NLRB have yet to officially respond, but if the report is accurate, the next step would be an NLRB hearing followed by a decision about a vote date.

One Amazon union election has already been held at Amazon's Bessemer, Alabama facility, and the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union union lost the vote by a count of 1,798 to 738. However, the NLRB determined that Amazon interfered with the election and ruled that a new vote could be held starting on February 4th. Counting is set to begin on March 28th.