Apple's AirPods Pro are back down to $190 at Woot

You'd normally pay $249 for the true wireless earbuds.


With a number of deals previously reducing Apple's AirPods Pro to below $200, the full retail price of $249 suddenly looks steep by comparison. Despite having been around for over a year-and-a-half, the fact is Apple's top-rated earphones don't come cheap (and for good reason). Fortunately, the latest promo at Amazon-owned Woot cuts their price back down to $190, which is the second-best deal we've seen this year.

Buy AirPods Pro at Woot - $190

Ultimately, the AirPods Pro are the most popular — and arguably the best — choice for iPhone owners. They make setup a breeze by seamlessly integrating with iOS, offer quick pairing and hands-free access to Siri. Apple also added a silicon tip to make them more comfortable and shortened the stick-like extension, which houses the on-board controls. Unlike their less-durable siblings, the AirPods Pro are also sweat and water resistant, making them ideal gym companions. The earbuds have offered active noise cancellation from launch, but Apple boosted the sound quality last year with the addition of spatial audio for more immersive listening.

Yes, there are better options out there that give you more bang for your buck. However, the main seal of approval for many is that the AirPods Pro come from Apple. If you're already happily locked into the company's ecosystem, then these are the true wireless earbuds for you.

Before snapping them up, though, just be sure to familiarize yourself with Woot's terms and conditions. The retailer is primarily known for its limited-time deals and has a modified return policy to its parent Amazon that includes numerous exceptions. You'll also have to pay to handle shipping.

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