Apple's AirPods Pro are back down to $190 on Woot

Get the noise-cancelling wireless earbuds $60 off the normal price.


Apple’s AirPods Pro are among the best wireless earphones available, but at $250, they’re certainly not the cheapest. They have gone on sale from time to time, most recently just ahead of Black Friday last year. If you missed that sale, however, fret not: You can now pick up a pair for just $190 at Amazon-owned online retailer Woot, matching the price we saw last year.

Buy Apple AirPods Pro at Woot - $190

The AirPods pro are Apple’s best wireless earbuds, thanks to features like active noise cancellation, built-in controls and silicon ear tips that make them more comfortable than the regular AirPods. The sound quality is also a lot better than the AirPods, with improved clarity across the full audio spectrum. With a recent update, they now support spatial audio and let you quickly switch between devices in case you own more than one Apple product.

The downsides are a slight lack of bass, and we noted Sony’s WF-1000XM3 sound better. The latter are slightly more expensive, however, and at $190, the AirPods Pro are much more competitive. If you decide to get them, take note that Woot is a limited-time deals portal with a different return policy than its parent Amazon. As such, orders are more difficult to cancel or modify, you’ll pay for shipping to return items and there are numerous returns exceptions. We’d advise you to check out the site’s return policies before you order.

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