Apple's AirTags are cheaper than usual when you buy four

It's a good deal if you need to track multiple items.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Now might be a good time to buy Apple's AirTags if you need more than one or two. Woot is selling a four-pack of the item trackers for $95, a rare dip below the usual $100 price. That breaks down to $23.75 per tag, and could make this tempting if you have multiple items you can't afford to lose. Just remember that Woot's return policy is stricter than Amazon's.

Buy Apple AirTag (four-pack) on Woot - $95

AirTags are only useful in the Apple ecosystem, but promise a few advantages over trackers from Tile and other rivals. On top of fast setup, ultra-wideband support offers precision finding (with iPhone 11 and newer) when you're close — you'll know just which couch cushion is hiding your keys. You'll also have an item-locating network that spans virtually all Apple device users, increasing the chances of finding a missing bag or wallet.

There are catches, of course. Android users need not apply, and the lack of a hole means you'll be buying an accessory to clip the AirTag to a keychain or backpack. The year-long battery life will also require that you keep a load of watch batteries on hand. If you don't see yourself leaving the Apple ecosystem any time soon, though, AirTags are a reasonably safe bet.

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