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Apple Black Friday deals include up to 25 percent off USB-C chargers, MagSafe accessories and more

AirTag holders and trackpads are also included in this Amazon Black Friday sale.


If you recently treated yourself to an iPhone 15 or new Mac computer, Amazon’s Black Friday sale has Apple accessories you can buy to complete your setup. The highlight of the promotion are the company’s FineWoven Wallets, which are currently $6 or 10 percent off their $59 MSRP. Apple offers the MagSafe accessory in five different colors, with the evergreen, mulberry and taupe models included in the sale. And if you don’t mind basic black, that wallet is discounted even further at $48 currently. Not everyone is a fan of Apple’s new FineWoven accessories, but on the plus side, the material is vegan-friendly and the wallet attaches magnetically to recent iPhones.

Apple's FineWoven Wallets attach to your iPhone using MagSafe and provide easy access to your credit and debit cards. 

$48 at Amazon
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$60 at Verizon$60 at Best Buy

As part of the same sale, Amazon has also discounted Apple’s first-party AirTag Key Ring. The coral, taupe, mulberry, pacific blue and black models are all 9 percent off their usual $35 price tag, making them $31 at the moment. Like the MagSafe Wallets above, the AirTag holders are made using the company’s new FineWoven material.

Separately, the sale discounts the company’s 35W dual USB-C power adapters. After a 25 percent discount, both the standard and compact models are $44, or $16 less than usual. Unlike the FineWoven accessories, these are universally well-regarded. In particular, I love the standard model for its modular design that allows you to swap out the power connector if you’re traveling in another country. Note that 35W won’t be enough to charge some of Apple’s more power-hungry laptops, including the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

For the Mac fan who has nearly everything, I’ll lastly mention Amazon has reduced the Magic Trackpad, Mouse and Keyboard. Of the three peripherals, I think the keyboard is the most useful, particularly if you own one of the company’s laptops and want to build a more ergonomic setup. It’s also subject to the most significant discount, with it costing $80 after a 19 percent price cut.

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