Apple confirms 'scary fast' event for the night of October 30

We interrupt your Halloween party to bring you… a new iMac?

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Apple just confirmed another streaming event for October 30 at, wait for it, 8PM ET. Tis the spooky season, so why not hold a presentation at night? The tagline for the event is “Scary Fast” so it certainly sounds like there will be some hardware announcements. We already had the big iPhone 15 event, so that leaves the company’s desktop and laptop computers.

To that end, it’s been a surprisingly long time since there’s been a new iMac. Analyst Mark Gurman suggested that this event will feature a refresh of the aging iMac line, and his track record is pretty good when it comes to Apple. Gurman also suggested that it’s likely we’ll see an update to the MacBook Pro.

An invite for an Apple Event.

This analysis is based on current retail supplies and shipping dates for forthcoming models, with retail stores noting they have short supply of the current iMacs and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The colorful 24-inch M1 iMac came out all the way back in April 2021, which is a lifetime in tech circles, and hasn’t been updated since. The MacBook Pro M2 is newer, releasing in 2022, but still due for an upgrade.

With that said, there are also rumors that the event will reveal the followup chip, the M3. It’s also possible we’ll get an iPad reveal, as the company’s flagship tablet is also due for a refresh.

In the past, Apple has typically reserved its October press event for computers, which is another mark in the “new iMac” column. In any event, we don’t have that long to wait, as October 30 is just around the corner. Here’s hoping Tim Cook will be dressed as a mummy or Barbenheimer or something.