Apple's next MacBook Air could be even thinner and lighter

According to Bloomberg, it will have MagSafe charging, too.


Last week, Bloomberg reported that Apple was planning a redesigned MacBook Air. It was a footnote, however, in a larger piece that focused on some upcoming MacBook Pro laptops. Today, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has provided some more detail on the next Air refresh. It will be thinner and lighter, the publication reports, have a next-gen M1 processor, and use the same MagSafe charging system bound for the next MacBook Pro refresh. The company is also said to be deliberating a design with smaller screen bezels, which would shrink the already-portable form factor further.

The report doesn’t say how much smaller, thinner and lighter the laptop could be. Bloomberg notes, however, that it will be positioned as premium alternative to the current MacBook Air, which will stick around as an entry-level offering. Changes to the chassis would help Apple to differentiate the Air and Pro line. The most recent MacBook Air, which sports the company’s new M1 chip, is visually similar to the MacBook Pro (well, the versions that ship without a Touch Bar, anyway). It’s a wonderful machine — my colleague Dana Wollman said “it’s worth considering for most people” — but one that doesn’t stand out next to the current crop of MacBook Pros.

According to Bloomberg, the new MacBook Air could appear later this year or in 2022. That means it’s likely to come after the upgraded MacBook Pros, which will reportedly come in 14-inch and 16-inch flavors. Apple is also planning to launch an iMac redesign later this year — something the all-in-one desktop sorely needs — and additions to the Mac Pro line.