iCloud, music, photos and other Apple services are struggling today

Some people can't access Find My and Keychain at the moment.

If you can’t access your iCloud account and several related services, know that you’re not the only one. As of 3:14 PM ET, Apple is working to resolve 10 outages. According to the company’s System Status page, Find My and iCloud Keychain are among the services people can’t access at the moment.

System Status

Apple hasn’t identified the cause of the outage, nor has it said how widespread it is, with the System Status page saying “some users are affected.” Whatever the cause of the outage, it seems have been affecting Apple services through most of the day. In the morning, some people couldn’t access the App Store and Apple Music. The company has since resolved those specific issues, only to turn its attention to other problems. We’ll update this article as the situation changes.

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