Apple iCloud photo libraries will soon be viewable in Windows

You won't need your browser.


It should soon be much easier to access your iPhone's photo collection on a Windows-based PC. Microsoft is updating Windows 11 with the option to directly view iCloud photo libraries in the Photos app — you won't need your browser, just an iCloud app from Microsoft's store. So long as your iCloud account has enough space to hold all your images, you might never need to manually transfer photos to your Windows machines.

The functionality is available today for Windows Insider participants. It should be available to all Windows 11 users sometime in November.

The news comes just as the Apple Music app launches on Xbox consoles. It reflects Microsoft's ambition to make Windows the "most open" desktop platform with support for rival services and apps. You can use Android apps and run Linux instances, for example. While this is partly a not-so-subtle dig at Apple's more closed ecosystem, it's good news for users who'd rather not switch hardware just to get seamless photo syncing.