The latest version of iCloud for Windows adds a full password manager

You can use it in conjunction with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome extensions.

·1 min read
Igor Bonifacic / Engadget

Apple has long allowed Mac, iPhone and iPad users to access their iCloud drives on a PC using an app you can get from the Microsoft Store. And while the software let you download your photos and files, any passwords stored on your keychain were a more complicated matter. That’s about to change for the better.

With version 12.5 of iCloud for Windows, Apple is adding a password manager to the software. Once you download the update from the Microsoft Store, you can use the tool to add, edit, copy and paste, delete and look up any passwords you have stored in your iCloud keychain. You can also use the app in conjunction with a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome extension to autofill a password when you’re surfing online.

Apple says the app stores all your passwords within an encrypted database on your computer and transfers them to the relevant browser extension over a secure channel. The app will automatically save and sync any website usernames and passwords but won’t do the same for applications and other sensitive personal data like your credit card number.

It’s all pretty standard functionality apps like 1Password and Dashlane have offered for years, but if you’re an iPhone user who frequently saves their logins to iCloud, you’ll appreciate having easy access to them on your PC.

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