Apple fixes iOS 16 activation bug affecting iPhone 14 buyers

You'll need to install a day-one patch to fix iMessage and FaceTime.

Cherlynn Low/Engadget

You might have a rough time activating your iPhone 14. As MacRumors reports, Apple has fixed an iOS 16 bug that broke activation of iMessage and FaceTime on open WiFi networks. Your brand new device might not work properly out of the box, depending on your situation. You only have to install an iOS 16.0.1 update to address the bug, but you may need to restore the phone with a computer to load the new software.

It's not clear whether Apple will have a solution apart from shipping future devices with iOS 16.0.1. MacRumors says it obtained a company memo indicating the problem was "under investigation," while the support document for the patch only tells users to update. We've asked Apple for comment.

The flaw likely won't last for long and should only affect a small number of users. Still, the timing is less than ideal. The iPhone 14 lineup is just reaching customers as of this writing — their first experience might not be very smooth if they expect to use iMessage and FaceTime on day one.

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