Apple's iPad Air tablets are at all-time lows at Amazon

The 2020 64GB and 256GB cellular models' prices are the lowest they've been on the website.

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Apple's 2020 iPad Air models are pricier than their predecessors, so you may want to check out their Amazon listings if you've been waiting for a good deal before getting one. The latest 64GB and 256GB cellular models are at all-time low prices on the website, while the 64GB WiFi version is also on sale with a huge discount. You can get the 64GB cellular iPad Air in any of its five colors for $680, down $49 from its original price of $729. If you need a tablet with a bigger storage capacity, you can also get the 256GB iPad Air with cellular connectivity in any color for $830 or $49 less than its original price of $879.

Buy 2020 Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256GB at Amazon - $830

Buy 2020 Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, 64GB at Amazon - $680

Apple had sold both models at a discount in the past, but these prices are the lowest we've seen for them on the retailer. Meanwhile, if you don't really need cellular connectivity, you can choose to get the WiFi-only version of the 64GB iPad Air instead. It's currently priced at $550, which is $10 higher than its lowest price in February but is still $49 less than its original price. And, yes, the discount applies to all the model's available colors.

Buy 2020 Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi, 64GB at Amazon - $550

We gave the 2020 iPad Air models a score of 90 in our review, praising it for its looks that resemble the iPad Pro's with its nearly edge-to-edge screen and no home button. It also has a USB-C port and a display (10.9 inches) that's slightly larger than its predecessor's (10.5 inches). The device ran quickly and smoothly during our tests, and it exhibited impressive WiFi speeds thanks to WiFi 6 support. Its LTE speeds were 60 percent faster, as well, and it delivered solid battery life. That it supports the second-generation Apple Pencil is a huge plus. We came to the conclusion that the latest iPad Air is the best tablet for most people, and it's even better now that you can get one at a discount.

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