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Apple's M1 Pro and Max chips are living up to the hype

How does M1 Max stack up against AMD's 16-core 5950X?
The Apple series of M1 chips shown against a white background.

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Christopher Schodt
Christopher Schodt|February 1, 2022 8:00 AM

It's now been three months since Apple brought its own silicon to its pro-grade laptops. As we said in our review, the M1 Pro and Max are fantastically capable chips that offer more than enough performance for the vast majority of users.

But for our explainer show Upscaled, we wanted to go a little deeper, with a suite of benchmarks that really push the Pro and Max to their limits, as well as some requests that our readers really wanted to see. Ever wondered how long it takes to open a 100MB Excel file?

Watch the video above for the full story, and we'll see you for the next episode soon.