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Apple's MacBook Air M2 drops to a new all-time low of $999

The 512GB version is also at its best price yet.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Have you wanted to buy the latest MacBook Air, but didn't want to pay the premium over the M1 model? You might not have to. Amazon is selling the base MacBook Air M2 with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage at a new all-time low of $999, or the same price you usually see for its older counterpart. You'll find a similar $200 discount for the 512GB model, too. You'll have to choose from certain colors, but your system should arrive before Christmas if you order soon.

Apple's latest ultra-thin portable now costs just as much as its M1 predecessor thanks to a sale.
$999 at Amazon

We'll be frank: the MacBook Air M2 is the definition of a well-rounded laptop. It's thin and light, of course, but it's also fast for media editing and day-to-day productivity. There's a great display, surprisingly robust speakers and strong battery life. And did we mention that it's completely silent? While you wouldn't get the Air M2 for gaming or heavy-duty content creation, it's a treat to use for most other tasks.

There are some considerations before you jump in. As the MacBook Air M2 doesn't have a fan, it will throttle under extended heavy workloads. You'll want to buy a MacBook Pro if you're frequently editing movies or music. The 8GB of RAM on these configurations is more useful than it sounds, but it might prove limiting if you routinely juggle multiple demanding apps. You won't get higher-end MacBook Pro perks like an SD card slot or a 120Hz screen, either. At this price, though, the new Air makes sense even if you occasionally need to test its limits.

And if $999 is still too much, don't fret. Amazon currently has the MacBook Air M1 on sale at $799. You won't get the M2 model's added performance, sleeker profile, trip-resistant MagSafe power cable or larger display, but it's still a capable system with lengthy battery life and silent operation. It's just a question of whether or not you're willing to compromise in the name of the best possible price.

Buy MacBook Air M1 at Amazon - $799

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