Apple Maps EV routing is now available for the Ford Mustang Mach-E

Drivers can now find the nearest EV charging station through Apple Maps.

jetcityimage via Getty Images

It’s about to get easier for Ford Mustang Mach-E drivers to find the nearest charging station, thanks to a new iOS 15.4 update for Apple Maps. According to 9to5Mac, EV routing can now be activated on the Mach-E through Apple Maps on CarPlay, Apple’s in-car system. The feature was first previewed during WWDC 2020, and now it’s finally been released to the public. Right now, only this current year's vehicle and versions of the 2021 model with specific software versions have the new feature, but Ford hopes to roll the feature out to all Mach-E drivers before 2023.

Mach-E owners in need of a charge usually find the nearest station using the Apple Maps or Google Maps app on their phone, Ford’s built-in charging station finder or the FordPass App. This is likely cumbersome for many, especially when embarking on a long road trip. Now, Apple Maps on CarPlay can generate a route and identify charging points along the way.

Ford has full instructions on its website for how to activate EV charging on Apple Maps, but it should be as simple as pressing “OK” on a pop-up message that says “Get EV routes for your Mustang Mach-E” the next time you fire up Apple Maps through CarPlay and enter a new destination.