Apple Maps is finally starting to follow Google's lead on user reviews

But you may not see many ratings from other users yet.

Igor Bonifacic / Engadget

Since the release of iOS 14, Apple Maps has included a built-in rating system that allows you to review select businesses, restaurants and other points of interest. Before Monday, that feature was only available in countries like Australia and Japan, but as MacRumors points out, you can now access it in the US and Canada.

The feature works for most locations. It uses a simple thumbs up or down system. When you tap one of the icons, a secondary interface will appear, prompting you to share how you feel about certain aspects of that business or restaurant. For instance, in the latter case, you can also rate the food, customer service and atmosphere. That same pane also allows you to upload your own photo to a listing.

An Apple spokesperson told The Verge Maps will suggest you add contributions based on your device history, in addition to photos you have in your camera roll. Your name won’t appear alongside any ratings you leave, and any recommendations you get suggesting you add to a listing will come from analysis Maps does on-device.

At the moment, you can’t leave a written review, meaning there’s still a place for the existing integrations Maps has with services like Yelp and Tripadvisor. Apple could be laying the groundwork here for a more robust review system to match the likes of what Google Maps offers, but that will have to come at a later date.