Apple's mixed reality headset will reportedly debut at WWDC in June

Just in time for developers to get a feel for the new hardware.

Wu Xiaoling/Xinhua via Getty Images

Apple may be narrowing down the launch window for its fabled mixed reality headset. Bloomberg sources say the headset is now set to premiere at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. The device, possibly called Reality Pro, was unofficially slated to arrive in April but reportedly needed extra development time to address hardware and software issues. The company has already declined to comment, but the hardware might ship later in the year.

The headset is believed to carry a steep price tag, possibly as high as $3,000, but may also include capabilities not found even on alternatives like the Meta Quest Pro. Rumors suggest it could include dual 4K displays and a wide range of cameras that allow advanced tracking and controller-free input. You'd have to wear the battery in an external pack, but you'd also get an M2 processor that outperforms the mobile chips in other stand-alone AR and VR wearables.

The underlying platform, xrOS, is said to include an iOS-style interface that relies on finger pinches and voice commands for interaction. There would be an emphasis on health as well as upgraded versions of familiar experiences, such as full-body avatars during FaceTime calls. You might even have an easy way to create apps using Siri.

This initial model is supposedly aimed at creators and enthusiasts, and a WWDC debut would help developers understand the technology just as it becomes public. However, rumors also suggest Apple is working on a more affordable headset that's nearer to the Quest Pro's $1,500 price. That more accessible design might not surface before 2024, but it hints at a long-term strategy to make the company's mixed reality tech more accessible.