Apple Music and the App Store are experiencing issues (updated)

The service disruptions are affecting all users, according to Apple's status page.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

If Apple Music and the App Store aren't quite working as normal for you right now, you're not alone. Apple's status page notes that both services are dealing with issues that are impacting all users.

It states that Apple Music users may be experiencing some intermittent issues, which seemingly include song lyrics not being accessible. As for the App Store, Apple simply says users "may be experiencing a problem." The company hasn't provided more details, though Down Detector users started reporting App Store problems at around 9 AM ET.

The Apple Music and App Store problems follow an issue with Apple Pay on Sunday. For just over 40 minutes, Interac card holders were unable to make purchases with Apple Pay. Nor could they add, suspend or remove a card.

Update 4/25 5:05PM ET: Apple now says the Music and the App Store issues have been resolved, although it didn't outline what occurred.

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