Apple resurrects its iPod 'Music Quiz' game for iOS 14

It didn't even need to create an app to do it.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple is still feeling nostalgic for iPod games, it seems. The 9to5Mac team has discovered that iOS 14 brings back the classic Music Quiz game, where your device plays songs at random and asks you to name them and rack up a score. The company didn’t even need an app to do it — the entire game runs as a Shortcut under the “My Shortcuts” section.

Each session only lasts five rounds, but you can keep playing and share your score on social networks — something you couldn’t do on your iPod near the start of the century.

This only works with the built-in Music app. Sorry, Spotify fans. It does work with Apple Music, iTunes purchases and even locally synced songs from other sources, though. And since it’s a Shortcut rather than an app, you can easily poke around to either get inspiration for your own mini-games or modify Music Quiz to suit your tastes.

This is clearly a promo tool for Shortcuts to encourage use. At the same time, it’s hard to deny the retro appeal if you grew up using Apple’s music players. When Apple dropped classic iPods, it also ditched a slew of games that some users knew very well. While we wouldn’t call this a full-on revival, it does give you a chance to relive the iPod’s glory days.