Apple makes it easy to see the personal info apps request

There's also a new, less specific location sharing option.


Given Apple’s big focus on user privacy, it’s not a surprise that they’re announcing a few updates across this year’s set of software updates. In every store that Apple runs, developers will be required to show exactly what they tell Apple with regards to data collection and tracking. It’ll be shown as a little privacy “nutrition label” that gives you the most important details you’ll want to see without having to read an entire privacy policy.

Apple privacy permissions

Location services are getting a change, as well. Instead of showing your precise location, you can decide to share a rough, less specific location area to an app so it can’t so easily track your movement. Another nice addition is mic and camera indications in the status bar, showing you exactly when they’re being used.

Finally, Apple is also adding permissions for tracking across other apps and websites, something that should make it a bit easier to keep yourself private when browsing the internet. If you’re as tired as I am of seeing the same ads following you around the web, it’ll be a welcome change.