Apple Store workers in Atlanta file for first union election in the US

They want to organize with the Communications Workers of America.

Jeremy Moeller via Getty Images

Workers at an Apple Store in Atlanta have filed for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board. This marks the first time that Apple Store employees in the US have formally requested a union election. They'll be represented by the Communications Workers of America.

Over 70 percent of more than 100 eligible workers at Apple's Cumberland Mall store have signed union authorization cards. The group includes sales associates, operations specialists, technicians and creatives. The CWA represents workers from across the telecommunications, media and tech industries.

“A number of us have been here for many years, and we don’t think you stick at a place unless you love it," Apple Genius worker Derrick Bowles said in a statement. "Apple is a profoundly positive place to work, but we know that the company can better live up to their ideals and so we’re excited to be joining together with our coworkers to bring Apple to the negotiating table and make this an even better place to work.”

Engadget has contacted Apple for comment.

Although this is the first Apple Store union drive to result in an NLRB election filing, workers at other locations in the US are attempting to organize. Last weekend, it emerged that employees at the Grand Central Terminal location in New York City were collecting signatures to form a union. That group, Fruit Stand Workers United, this week called for Apple to offer better benefits and pay a minimum of $30 per hour.