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Apple's Studio Display drops to a record low price at Amazon

The Mac-oriented monitor is now a more realistic option.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

If you like the thought of the Apple Studio Display but balk at its official price tag, the monitor might be worth a second look. Amazon is selling the tilt-adjustable Studio Display at an all-time low of $1,300, or $299 off. The monitor has been sitting at $1,499 for a long while, so this may be your best chance to get Apple's 5K screen with a substantial discount.

Apple's 5K monitor is now easier to justify at the best price we've seen to date.
$1,300 at Amazon

The Studio Display is as much a Mac docking station as it is a stand-alone screen. While the 5K panel is accurate and bright, the real draws are the ports, webcam (now that it's been updated) and surprisingly good speakers. It's an elegant way to outfit a Mac Studio without buying multiple accessories, and eliminates the mess of cables when you want to use and charge a MacBook Pro at your desk. Combine that with Apple's minimalist aesthetic and it may be an easy pick if you're interested in a simple, clean setup.

This isn't the best monitor you can buy in terms of sheer technical prowess. This is effectively a brighter version of the display you saw in the 5K iMac. You won't find mini-LED backlighting, high refresh rates, extra-bright HDR or other perks found in some third-party models. You're mainly paying for the convenience and design. With that said, the Amazon sale makes the Studio Display considerably easier to justify if you're not keen on buying separate peripherals.

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