Apple Watch now syncs with Tempo's AI-powered home gym

Tempo owners can monitor their heart rate and control their workouts from the wearable.


Tempo has rolled out Apple Watch integration for its AI-powered home gym, giving users an easy way to track their heart rate during workouts without the need for a dedicated HR monitor. Upon syncing the wearable, users can also view other data on it, including how many calories they burned during studio classes, the total volume of weights they lifted and their ranking on the leaderboard.

The company says 70 percent of its users own an iPhone, and 35 percent from that group has an Apple Watch. With that in mind, rolling out Apple integration for its product is a no-brainer. In addition to being able to view stats and data, syncing their Watch will also give users the capability to pause and resume classes, as well as to manage their workouts, without having to walk up to the smart home gym's touchscreen panel.

Tempo launched its Studio home gym cabinet, which includes a touchscreen panel, a 3D camera track workouts, weights and other equipment, in early 2020. The pandemic brought about a need for home workout solutions as gyms around the world closed down, and Tempo was one of the companies that experienced a surge in demand. In April, the company raised $220 million in funding to be able to keep up with an increasing number of orders and give its research and development efforts a boost.

Those who already have a Tempo Studio and want to sync it with an Apple Watch will have to make sure both devices, along with their iPhone, are connected to the same WiFi network. All three have to be near each other, as well. After they've logged into their profile on the Tempo Studio and download the app for the Watch, they only need to follow the steps laid out on their iPhone.