Apple brings picture-in-picture and gaming updates to Apple TV

Apple TV+ is coming to Sony and Vizio smart TVs later this summer.

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Apple TV picture-in-picture

Apple announced a couple key changes for Apple TV at WWDC2020 today. Its focus with Apple tvOS 14 appears to be updates to gaming and a new picture-in-picture feature. 

On the gaming side, Apple is expanding multi-user support. You’ll open the control center to switch between users and see your progress, achievements and friends. You can instantly resume games where you left off, and Apple is adding support for Xbox Elite and Xbox Adaptive Controllers.

Apple TV gaming

tvOS 14 is also adding picture-in-picture mode. That will bring benefits like the ability to continue your workouts while watching the news or the big game. And AirPlay is getting better, so the whole family can share videos on the Apple TV and take advantage of the picture-in-picture when they do.

Finally, Apple TV+ is coming to Sony and Vizio smart TVs later this summer.

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