Apple Vision Pro repairs could set you back as much as $2,399

A cracked cover will cost you $799.


If you're going to purchase the Apple Vision Pro, you may want to get a case for it as well. Based on the company's repair and service page for the device as first noticed by AppleInsider, getting it repaired can be very costly, even when you have AppleCare+. If the headset's cover glass cracks, it'll set you back $799 to get it replaced. Other types of damage could cost you up to $2,399, which is only $1,100 less expensive than a brand new base unit.

The repair prices don't sound as outrageous if you pay for AppleCare+, but they're still not cheap. A damaged cover class or any other type of repair will cost you $299, on top of the extended warranty's $25-a-month fee. While you could get it fixed by a third-party, it could cause you issues if you send it to Apple for another repair in the future, and those services might not have the components you need. Apple has been supportive of the right-to-repair movement lately, though, and has an existing self-repair program for its phones and computers. The company could add the Vision Pro to that program, but it may not happen anytime soon.

Apple's Vision Pro is now available for pre-order from Apple's US website and all its brick-and-mortar stores across the country. The $3,499 version will give you 256GB of storage space, while the 512GB model will cost you $3,699. Want 1TB of space? That one will set you back $3,899. Take note that its accessories are sold separately, and you'll have to shell out an additional $199 for its travel case.

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