Is there a good reason to buy the Apple Watch Series 5?

Does the fifth version of Apple's distinctive wearable finally get everything right?

Chris Velazco/Engadget

It’s been five years since Apple debuted its smartwatch, and in that time the square-faced device has become iconic and infamous. The most recent version offers ‘dimmable’ faces that keep the screen available at all times, courtesy of its low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display. But it also provides many of the same things as before, including 18 hours of battery life, 40 and 44mm sizes and the Digital Crown. Editor-in-Chief Dana Wollman gave the wearable a solid score of 88 when she reviewed it.

While Apple claims that most people who buy a smartwatch are doing so for the first time, there are some repeat customers who simply want the upgrade. So tell us: Which group are you a part of? If it’s the latter, what feature inspired you to switch to the newest Apple Watch? And if you’re a newbie, what made you finally take the leap? Submit your feedback in the form of a user review on the Apple Watch Series 5 product page, and share all the details that potential buyers should know. Remember, the best reviews are included in upcoming user review roundup articles so don’t leave anything out!

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