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Apple Watch Series 8 falls to $310 at Amazon

The Red, Midnight and Starlight models are on sale for 22 percent off.


The Apple Watch Series 8 is on sale at Amazon again, and it has even reached a new low for certain colors. You can get the 41mm Series 8 with Midnight or Starlight aluminum cases and bands for $310, which is the lowest we've seen them go for at Amazon. The model with a Red case and band is on sale for the same price — it went for as low as $280 on Prime Day, but you can at least get one today at 22 percent lower than retail if you missed your chance last time.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is on sale at Amazon again, and it has even reached a new low for certain colors.

$310 at Amazon

We called the Apple Watch Series 8 the best smartwatch at the time it was released last year and praised it for having "excellent health and fitness tools." It can track your body temperature, and if it's relevant to you, it can use that information to determine if and when you had ovulated. The watch also has the capability to measure your blood oxygen and can tell you the quality of the sleep you've been having. Plus, it comes with ECG capabilities.

It comes with an enhanced Workout app that can suggest new ways to train. You can use it to text, make calls and listed to music without having to take out your iPhone. And, like other Apple Watches, you can use it to unlock your Mac, find your other Apple devices and pay with Apple Pay. The tech giant is selling the devices at a discounted price less than a couple of weeks before we could potentially find out what's next for the wearable. Apple recently announced that the iPhone 15 event is taking place on September 12th, and it's very much possible that the company will also unveil the next Watch model at the same time.

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