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The Apple Watch Ultra is $60 off in early Black Friday sale

Grab one for $739 with deliveries starting December 1st.


Amazon has started its Black Friday sales on a number of watches including $60 off the Watch Ultra, its best discount yet. We're also still seeing nice discounts on Apple's other new models, including the Watch Series 8 and Watch SE 2nd-gen, with savings up to 13 percent.

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Unlike the last sale, the Apple Watch Ultra models are available with both the small, medium and large Alpine Loop bands, so they should fit everyone's wrists. You can currently get one in green, orange and starlight colors, all for the same $739 price with any band size.

As we detailed in our Engadget review, the Watch Ultra is geared toward outdoor activity and endurance athletes. It offers more refined navigation and compass-based features than regular Watch models, like the ability to set waypoints and guidance so you can follow your own breadcrumbs if you get lost. There's a new depth gauge and dive computer, along with accurate route tracking and pace calculations, thanks to the dual-frequency GPS.

Like other Watch models, it also delivers sleep tracking, temperature sensing and electrocardiogram features, plus messaging, audio playback and Apple Pay. It currently offers about 36 hours of battery life, but that will increase to 60 hours maximum with an upcoming low-power mode.

If $739 is still too much, don't forget that the latest Watch Series 8 GPS model (41mm) is still on sale for $349 (13 percent off) in red or black with two different sized wrist bands. While not a huge update over the Series 7, it does carry some useful new features like a temperature sensor tied to women's health and Crash Detection. In addition, the budget Watch SE 2nd-gen model is also available at 8 percent off, bringing the already affordable $249 price down to just $229.

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