Apple Watch Ultra repairs cost $499 without AppleCare+

You can get an Apple Watch Series 8 cellular model for that price.

Billy Steele/Engadget

If you decide to pick up the new, high-end Apple Watch Ultra, it's probably a good idea to pay for AppleCare+ protection. Without AppleCare+, an Apple Watch Ultra repair will cost an eye-watering $499, as MacRumors points out. Not only is that nearly two-thirds of the price of the $799 Ultra, it's the cost of an Apple Watch Series 8 with cellular connectivity.

Apple will charge that $499 fee to fix physical damage to the device. During the coverage period, AppleCare+ includes "unlimited incidents of accidental damage protection." Even so, you'll still need to pay a $79 service fee for repairs. Meanwhile, Apple will charge $99 to replace the battery, even if you do have AppleCare+.

Depending on the model, Apple Watch Series 8 repairs will cost between $299 and $399 without AppleCare+ protection (the device starts at $399). The service fee is $69 with AppleCare+. Apple Watch SE repairs outside of AppleCare+ coverage will run you between $199 and $229. Battery replacements for the non-Ultra models cost $79.

Meanwhile, we had some hands-on time with the Ultra this week. While the device certainly seems more rugged than other Apple Watch models, it's not immune to damage, so ponying up $99 for AppleCare+ coverage could prevent your wallet from feeling a far sharper sting.

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