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The Apple Watch Ultra is on sale for the first time

The $20 you'll save is enough for two months of Apple Fitness+ access.

Cherlynn Low / Engadget

Apple only just released the highest-end version of its smartwatch a few weeks ago, but you can already get a discount on the device — albeit a modest one. You can get $20 off the Apple Watch Ultra, which usually costs $800, if you're willing to plump for a specific model. This one has a titanium case with a green alpine loop band and cellular connectivity. The discount only applies to the small version of the wristband. It'll fit those with a wrist measuring 130mm to 160mm (5.1 inches to 6.3 inches). While this model, nor the device in general, obviously won't be suited to everyone, it's still notable that the Apple Watch Ultra is on sale for the first time.

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The device is all about outdoor activity. Apple baked in more refined navigation and compass-based features, such as the ability to set waypoints and guidance for retracing your steps should you get lost. There's a new depth gauge and dive computer too. So, the Apple Watch Ultra may be a good fit for hikers and divers.

There are also features geared toward endurance athletes, such as more accurate route tracking and pace calculations, thanks to the dual-frequency GPS. You can expect all the health features from other Apple Watch models too — such as sleep tracking, temperature sensing and electrocardiogram readings — along with functions like messaging, audio playback and Apple Pay. Apple promises up to 36 hours of battery life as well (and up to 60 hours with an upcoming low-power mode).

On the downside, the Apple Watch Ultra has a chunky (though rugged) case that you may not find comfortable to wear to bed. Moreover, the positioning of the action button is a little awkward, because it's right where many people will go to steady the Apple Watch Ultra with one finger while they press the digital crown or side button. In the end, we gave the Apple Watch Ultra a score of 85 in our review.