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Apple's 10th-gen iPad is $100 off, matching a record low

Other models are on sale for Presidents' Day too.

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

While it's not quite on the level of Black Friday, there are often solid bargains to be found over President's Day weekend. Case in point: several iPad models are on sale. There's a particularly good deal on the 10th-gen iPad, which is $100 off to match a record low price of $349 at both Amazon and Best Buy.

The 10th-gen iPad is a great entry point into Apple's tablets.

$329 at Amazon
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$334 at Walmart$394 at Groupon

We gave the 10th-gen iPad a score of 85 in our late-2022 review. This base variant does not include a cellular connection and it uses the A14 Bionic chip rather than one of Apple's more powerful silicon chipsets. It also has a relatively paltry 64GB of storage. Still, as an entry-level iPad for browsing the web, catching up on emails and watching video on that capable 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, the 10th-gen model more than does the trick.

If you have a compatible router and decent internet plan, you should get fairly zippy connectivity from this iPad thanks to its Wi-Fi 6 support. The first-gen Apple Pencil works with the tablet as well to help you sketch or doodle on the screen.

If you don't mind making some tradeoffs to save some more cash, you can instead pick up the 9th-gen iPad for a near-record low of $249. This model still has a Home button (Apple moved Touch ID to the lock button on the 10th-gen tablet), meaning it has a smaller display of 10.2 inches. While it has a slower A13 bionic chip, the 9th-gen iPad is still a solid option for basic tasks.

Last but not least, the fifth-gen iPad Air is on sale too. The price has dropped to a record low of $449 if you opt for the purple variant. Although the storage remains at 64GB, the iPad Air offers a significant upgrade over the standard iPads, since it uses Apple's more powerful M1 chip. It supports the more feature-filled 2nd-gen Apple Pencil as well.

It's worth noting that Apple certainly has iPad upgrades in the pipeline. The company may refresh the lineup as soon as next month. But if you can't (or don't want to) wait, these are still good deals.

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