Apple's AirPods Pro are on sale for $175 right now

That's the best sale price we've seen since the start of the year.

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The AirPods Pro are down to the bet price we've seen them since the start of the year. Apple's best sounding earbuds are 30 percent off right now and down to $175, which is $5 cheaper than their previous sale price. We likely won't see Black Friday's $159 deal return for quite some time, so this discount is worth considering if you need a new pair of earbuds or want to give them to someone special for Valentine's Day.

Buy AirPods Pro at Amazon - $175

The AirPods Pro earned a score of 87 from us when they first came out, and while they didn't receive the slew of updates that the base AirPods did a few months ago, they do now come with a MagSafe charging case. That means you'll be able to use them with magnetic charging pads that also work with the latest iPhones.

These remain the AirPods to get if you care just as much about sound quality as you do convenience. Along with a built-in amplifier, they support Adaptive EQ, which automatically tunes frequencies to each user's ear. Their active noise cancellation is also solid, and you can flip in and out of Transparency mode whenever you need to join a conversation. They also provide arguably the best fit of any AirPods thanks to their interchangeable ear tips (although the improvements that Apple made in the fit of the third-gen AirPods shouldn't be overlooked).

You're also getting Apple's H1 chip inside the AirPods Pro, which enables things like hands-free Siri and quick pairing and switching between iOS and Mac devices. The latter feature becomes particularly handy if you use many Apple devices regularly, allowing you to switch from taking a call on your iPhone to listening to music from your Mac with ease. As far as battery life goes, you can expect about five hours of use before the Pros need a recharge, and with its case, you should get up to 24 hours of total listening time.

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