Apple's AirTag 4-pack has never been cheaper

The deal is available only for today.


If you have several items (or pets) you want to keep track of, this is a great chance to grab multiple Apple AirTags at once. You can pick up a four-pack from Amazon and Best Buy for $84.55, or $14.45 less than its retail price of $99. That's even cheaper than the a recent deal we spotted on Amazon, where it was being sold for $89. The catch is that the Best Buy deal is only available today, with only 20 hours left as of this writing. While Amazon is matching Best Buy on price, delivery may take upwards of 10 days if you choose that route.

Buy Apple AirTag (4-Pack) at Amazon - $84.55 Buy Apple AirTag (4-Pack) at Best Buy - $84.55

AirTags are probably the best choice if you have an iPhone, especially if you have a newer device. These coin-sized trackers come equipped with Apple's U1 ultra-wideband chip that acts as a beacon allowing devices that have the same chip to find it more easily. That means if you have an iPhone 11 or newer, you can simply press the "Find" button in the Find My app to access its precise tracking capabilities and narrow down your search.

Since the AirTag was made to make items easier to find, it comes with a speaker that can play an alert tone that was surprisingly louder than we expected when we tested it out. Apple also says the device is easy to pair as its AirPods — we found that to be the case — and has user-replaceable batteries. Perhaps the only downside if you're an iOS user is that it doesn't have a built-in keychain ring, which means you may have to purchase extra accessories to attach it to whatever it is you want to track.

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