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Apple's M2 Pro Mac mini is back to a record-low price at Amazon

The discount makes the surprisingly powerful mini even more affordable.

Photo by Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Apple's latest Mac mini remains a hot item, but you can still find some savings. Amazon is once more selling the M2 Pro Mac mini at a best-ever price of $1,249, or $50 off. That's a modest discount, but the tiny-but-powerful desktop has rarely been discounted in any form at Amazon. You can roll the savings into a mouse, keyboard or other must-have peripherals.

Apple's most powerful Mac mini is back to its best price yet at Amazon.
$1,250 at Amazon

The M2 Pro edition of the Mac mini is a great machine that fills a typically vacant spot in Apple's lineup — it's a powerful but relatively affordable "headless" desktop. The system is quick enough to handle serious media editing and multitasking duties, but still gives you the freedom to choose your own monitor. Throw in the abundance of ports and virtually silent operation (even under stress) and this may be the your ideal machine if you want some flexibility in your setup.

This high-end Mac mini is still expensive, and you won't find front-facing ports or an SD card reader like you get on the Mac Studio. And for many, this may be overkill — the standard M2 is often enough for everyday use while costing hundreds of dollars less. If you crave performance or extra ports, though, the M2 Pro version is a fine computer that won't use much space on your desk.

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